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Dr. Adrienne Brundage finished her PhD in entomology from Texas A&M University in 2012. She has worked as a lecturer in forensics, entomology, and biology for over a decade, and is currently a public speaker and expert witness consultant in forensic entomology.

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My name is Bailey Kobelin and I am a student at Albany Middle school. In the eighth grade, we are required to research a topic of our choice. I decided to learn about Forensic Science, mainly crime scene investigation. I was hoping you could answer a few of my questions regarding Forensic science. If you know anyone else who might be of assistance in helping me with my search in this area, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for reading my letter and for any information you could send me.
Bailey Kobelin

Hello Adrienne,
I am preparing to teach a unit of work to 16 year olds on forensic science. I am particularly interested in including stories of famous forensic scientists that will highlight their human qualities (i.e. so the students can personally relate to the topic) In particular I am looking for a biography that demonstrates the scientist’s courage in the face of opposition and/or disbelief of others. Can you think of any poignant examples? I am assuming that IF such an example exists the story will also demonstrate that they had such other vital scientific qualities like “perseverance” “determination” “commitment” “open-midedness” etc
If you can think of ANYTHING I’d be so obliged! I could even forward you a copy of the unit if you’d be interested!
Jeff Onans

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