Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever I start getting questions asked more than once, I'll put them on this FAQs list. Look for your question on this list before you email me...I've probably already answered it. If you don't see the answer, email me. Thanks!


My group wants to sign up for a paper approval time. How do we do that?
Just go onto the Wikipedia Writing Assignment site, scroll to the very bottom, and edit the page to put your group's name and subject next to your chosen time. This is your first chance to edit a web page! Fun for you!
Hey, can you put your lectures up early?
I'll do my best, but most of the time I'm still writing the lecture minutes before class. I'll get it up within a day or so of the lecture, so don't worry about it. Just remember you don't need to frantically write down everything on the screen--you'll see it again when I post the lecture.
I missed class! What do I need to know?
Go onto the website and you can download the lecture. If there were any important announcements, I also posted them there. Yes, you are still responsible for the information you missed, even if you decided not to come to class. Yes, even if you were sick. Yes, even if you were dead.
I can't get that code thing to work...what do I do?
Just email me the code you want and I'll enter it that way.
How do I study for this class?
Well, I'm glad you asked! I wrote an entire page about it!
Um, None of the bookstores have the text book! What do I do?
I've put the book on order, and all the bookstores should have it by Tuesday, January  22, 2008.
How can I get a hold of you?

You can email me at, call my office phone, come to my office hours, or see me right after class. I respond to email much more quickly than phone messages, so if you're at home I suggest emailing me.