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New to the brew – The Battalion – Texas A&M

Well, this isn’t *strictly* forensic entomology, but the super awesome girl 3rd from the left is the illustrious Dr. B. How very exciting!

Read all about it at TAMU’s Battalion web site.


New to the brew – The Battalion – Texas A&M.

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BBC News – Insects provide clues to crimes

The BBC has recently put together an interesting video about forensic entomology in England. Dr. Martin Hall, one of the big names in the industry, talks to BBC news about the use of insects as they relate to crime scene investigation. Enjoy!


BBC News – Insects provide clues to crimes.

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Illinois Murder Trial Includes Dr. Neil Haskell


Dr. Neil Haskell is one of the big names in forensic entomology. With a case load of over 1000, his skills are sought after like no other entomologist in the contiguous United States. He has most recently been called in on a double homicide in Illinois.

The story goes that Edwin Thomas Condon was shot in 2004 and found indoors in an advanced state of decay. Maggots from the autopsy were sent to Dr. Haskell for time of colonization determination. Dr. Haskell reported that Mr. Condon’s body was available for colonization over a 2 day period in early December.

The primary subject of cross examination for Dr. Haskell was the reasoning behind his growth rate calculation of maggots at 70 F. Since the body was found inside, investigators were able to provide the entomologist with the exact temperature at which the body stayed during decomposition. This the best situation–no temperature fluctuation makes calculation very easy, and the growth rate is straight forward. This allows for such a narrow colonization window: 2 days.

Read the rest of the story here:


Murder trial begins in Harrisburg – Carmi, IL – The Carmi Times.

Trial verdict reached after 4 hours deliberation 

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Hey, look who got an interview!


It's me!

The fantastic site just published an education interview with me. Enjoy!

Expert Advice from Dr. Adrienne Brundage.

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Entomologist called in to consult on Sandrigham Estate murder probe

CSI on the scene

Investigators trying to piece together the circumstances surrounding the death of a young woman found on the grounds of Sandringham Estate in Norfolk recently enlisted the help of a forensic entomologist. In this case, the entomologist will attempt to determine how long the body had lain at the site of discovery.

BBC News – Police finish search of Sandringham Estate in murder probe.


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