==Important Dates==

*Wednesday, January 23, 2008--Wikipedia assignment given during lecture
*Monday, February 4 - Friday, February 15, 2008--Make an appointment for proposal approval
*Friday, March 21, 2008--Article due on Wikipedia site
*Friday, April 18, 2008--Final project folder due to me at the beginning of class

'''Please keep track of these dates!'''

If you do not get the materials to me, or do not upload your article by the due date, you will lose 10 points per day (yes, including weekend days). If you and your group have an issue, please come to me as soon as possible to resolve it. If you come to me for help one day before the assignment is due, I may not be able to work something out. Come see me!


The project is worth 150 points total, and will be graded in parts:

*Part 1: Proposal--20 points
As long as you get to me during the first two weeks of February, you will receive the points. If you do not get your subject approved, you will not get credit for '''any''' of the assignment.

*Part 2: Written Article--100 points
I will grade your article according to a rubric. I will grade the final, peer reviewed article unless you tell me differently. (If, as a result of review, the Wikipedia community decides your article is not unique, or should not be a stand alone piece, just let me know and I'll grade your initial article.)

*Part 3: Peer Review--30 points
Print out the pages showing your comments on other articles (these must be articles written by students in Ento 431) and include them in your final project folder. You will receive 6 points per adequate comment, for a maximum of 30 points. If you are worried that a comment is not "adequate," make sure you comment on multiple articles, just to cover your bases.

*Group Percentages: Percent of final grade you get
Since you are working in groups, I need a way to know how well you worked together, and if you all contributed equally to the project. When you turn in your final folder, you will each hand into me a "group percentage" paper, telling me the percentage of work each group member lent to the project.

'''Ways to lose points'''

As mentioned above, if you are late turning in any portion of the assignment, you will lose 10 points per day (including weekend and holidays) late. I will try and remind you of due dates, but turning things in on time is ultimately up to you and your group.


Group members: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck

Donald grades his group members:

Group member: Mickey Mouse    Percentage: 25%
Group member: Minnie Mouse    Percentage: 80%
Group member: Daisy Duck         Percentage: 100%

Mickey grades his group members:

Group member: Minnie    Percentage: 100%
Group member: Daisy      Percentage: 100%
Group member: Donald   Percentage: 100%

Minnie grades her group members:
Group member: Mickey    Percentage: 100%
Group member: Daisy      Percentage: 0%
Group member: Donald   Percentage: 100%
Daisy grades her group members:
Group member: Mickey   Percentage: 50%
Group member: Minnie   Percentage: 50%
Group member: Donald  Percentage: 100%
I take the average of the percentages, and then give you that percentage of the final grade (yes, I round up or down)
Mickey: Average=58%
Minnie: Average=77%
Donald: Average=100%
Daisy: Average=67%
The group earned 150/150 on their project. Since they each earn the percentage given by their group members, their final grades are:
Mickey: 58% of 150 = 87/150
Minnie: 77% of 150 = 115.5/150
Donald: 100% of 150 = 150/150
Daisy: 67% of 150 = 100.5/150